‘Professional Services Marketing 3.0’ Named Book of the Month

Practice Management Forum – the world’s largest and fastest growing community for professional services marketers, with over 4,500 members in accounting, law, property, financial services, management consulting, architecture, design, engineering and other types of professional firms, based in the UK and 30 other countries across the world – has selected “Professional Services Marketing 3.0” as the Book of the Month and placed it on its Recommended list.

Robert Pinheiro, marketing manager at Manches LLP, a leading London-based law firm specializing in ultra high net worth individuals and growing mid-market companies, says he “will be recommending ‘Professional Services Marketing 3.0’ to colleagues and marketing peers.”

Pinheiro writes at PMforum.co.uk:

Robert Pinheiro

Robert Pinheiro

Bruce embraces the fundamental issue that until quite recently most professional service firms had not worked out what they wanted from their marketing functions and many marketing functions had not worked out what the firm expected from them…

Professional Services Marketing 3.0 is a useful refresher for all marketers in professional services. Indeed key sections should be summarised for fee-earners to remind them what we are all here for and what professional services marketing is all about “moving prospective clients to understand that when the need for legal or accounting services does arise, they should choose the marketer’s firm rather than another…”

The book is easy to dip-in and dip-out with 29 short, accessible chapters on how marketing works, building a marketing culture, new dimensions in internal communications, the formula for professional services marketing, campaign planning etc.

There are lots of great checklists: questions a good marketer should ask at interview, why advertise, writing good copy and things to ask when appointing a PR agency.

Essential for any marketers looking to move from product into professional services marketing it has a good chapter on the differences between the two, as well as useful sections on putting together and implementing the marketing campaign, the tools and tactics available, what you should expect from a successful marketing campaign, creating a brochure and several helpful chapters on public relations. I particularly liked his chapter entitled “Be nice to journalists…”

The journey on how marketing has evolved …  is particularly well told…

Bruce is clearly passionate about the concept of professional services marketing 3.0 and from my own experience I have seen how we have moved from professional services marketing 2.0 where it was the fee-earner against the marketer to 3.0 where the fee earner clearly understands the role of marketing within the practice, the marketing techniques available and the role of the professional marketer.


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